They’re Everywhere

I have a catch and release policy when it comes to creepy crawlies.  But… I find my space overrun by small black bugs with a red/orange line outlining their wings. 

I have been using my Dustbuster to gather them up – there are too many to catch one at a time as I quickly discovered yesterday and last night – and the Dustbuster doesn’t kill them. 

I have a bright green and yellow bug catcher that I keep handy for the occasional cricket or spider.  It is one of my favorite possessions.  It used to be part of a nature exploration play set that my kids used to discover the natural world around them.  I love the magnifying glass feature branded the Carson BugView.  I’m not sure what happened to the small screened cage that looked like an old fashioned lunchbox with mesh sides and a circular Plexiglas door.  The last time my son used it, I think he was stung by a bee. 

deadly bubble bath

In Googling the bugs, I found out that although harmless, they are numerous and they multiply exponentially.  They can survive the winter by hiding inside and outside the house.  I wondered if by taking them outside, I was making the problem worse.  Inside, they are eventually drowning in the sink, cat and dog water bowls and getting swatted by others who do not share my philosophy of live and let live. 

If they just lingered on the kitchen window and screen, or on the white walls, or around a light fixture, I am OK with the occasional sweep with the Dustbuster and the release into the backyard, but last night it was impossible to work as they were drawn to the glow of my laptop screen.  I was wearing a tank top and found it annoying to keep having to remove them from my arms and shoulders where I could feel them crawling.  And, it seemed the more I removed the more there was to remove. 

This morning, they are more attracted by the bright light of the large window next to my desk.  I will leave them alone for now. 

I don’t know what I will do late tonight when the brightest light in the room is my laptop screen.  If insects are as smart as I think they are, they may find their way out before nightfall.

For the curious in you, I used Google and found the BugView online – Carson BugView.  I’m not affiliated to these people in any way shape or form… but I love my bug catcher and wanted to share.

Here’s the link to one article I found about similar (maybe the same) bugs.


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