The Old West

There’s something magical about taking a walk in the desert at sunset.  The moving light casts shadows on the ground that change quickly making you sense the rotation of this earth.  The landscape despite having lived here for years can still at times looks surreal to me.  Like an enchanted land of fairies just beyond what is visible.


Looking at the backlit landscape I am transported to my idea of the “Old West”.

Saguaros, Chain Fruit Cholla and Teddy Bear Chollas are in abundance.  The Sonoran Desert is not a sandy desert.  There’s plenty of green life here.

Cave Creek still feels like the stereotypical “Wild West” to me.  It’s dreamy to encounter someone on horseback at the 4 way stop sign in the middle of town.

October has always been the month where the weather turns cool.  Cool enough to bring out the hoodies in the evenings and early mornings.  The 50 degree temperature changes register in the body that endured the heat that kept us in tripple digits for an entire summer.

This time of year, the air conditioners get to rest.  The evening temperatures insist that we open the windows that are dusty but less muddy than usual.  The monsoons this year were too dry leaving the plants and the earth parched.  Last month, I noticed that even the leaves of the jojoba bushes in the yard were yellow and leaning towards brown and I was worried that we may lose a few of them.

But it finally rained and everythign is green again.  The Texas sage has bloomed purple.  And even the Ocotillo have started to put out their bright orange flowers.

Nedra is happy that we are taking longer walks.


Cali too.

Cali-Cave-Creek-Backyard-142I am grateful to call this place home.


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