Thanksgiving Visitors

Family and friends were not the only visitors this Thanksgiving.

This fabulous tarantula gave us something a bit out of the ordinary to enjoy and remember as we ate our thanksgiving meal.  The weather was so beautiful that we opted to eat on the back patio outside.

After the meal, as we sat in gratitude enjoying the quiet and watching the birds come and go at the water fountain, Keiko was the one that spotted it.

I ran inside the house to get the camera and after photographing the tarantula, I realized that I had missed taking a photo of the turkey and our fabulous family and friends.

Too late for the turkey but I managed to capture a couple of moments to share here.

Kathleen, Keiko, Michael, and the fam…

Of course, Manny could not resist being the Joker that he is.  And obviously mom, can’t take her eyes off of him.

I was especially grateful this Thanksgiving.

Hairy Legged Tarantula

Tonight, as I stepped out my front door to take the dog out for a short walk, I found this not so little visitor.  My, what big hairy legs you have I wanted to say…

I’m happy that this spider did not appear last week while my sister was visiting me. I’m not sure I want to know how she would have reacted to a tarantula that is approximately the size of her hand.