Desert Snow

Woke up this morning to the sound of rain and found the desert covered in snow.

Desert Snow

I searched the property to find a saguaro to photograph, but the rain had washed them clean.

The garden was burried.  I did not cover the plants last night because the forecast did not mention frost.  I forgot about snow.

looking towards Black Mountain

My first experience of desert snow was in 1996.  I remember it clearly because my son (a todler back then) after thanksgiving weekend when the tree went up, kept asking “when is Santa coming?” “Is he coming yet?” “When will he come?”…

Tired of answering him, I said “he will come when it snows.”  I figured I was safe.  This is Arizona and while we have heat waves where temperatures can reach 124F in June, having snow here I thought would be equivalent to Hell Freezing Over!

On December 6th, I was putting out the christmas lights and my son started to shout elated “santa is coming tonight, Santa is coming tonight”.

“Don’t be silly” I said.

“It’s snowing.  It’s snowing” He danced around me.

“I told  you, you must not tell lies.”

“Turn around mom.  Look.”

Indeed Black Mountain was covered in snow and we watched as the snow moved towards us and covered our yard and patio.  We made snowballs and took pictures. Playing in the snow that day was like an early Christmas.

snow in the distance

When I first moved here, we expected snow every 7 years or so.  Everyone who was from around these here parts agreed that that was the norm.  I began to believe it myself.  Lately, it seems that the weather patterns have changed.  We have had snow, hail or ice every year for the past 4 years.

Being Arizona, by noon, with the sun out, the only snow left is on the mountain tops.

I can’t say I mind.  I’ve always enjoyed the crisp clean air, the brilliant blinding white, and the richness of all other colors by contrast.

Really, what I enjoy most is seeing all of it from a distance.