Rat and Scorpion

It’s been an interesting day – dealing with pests – specifically one fat pack rat and a scropion.

Yesterday, after the hens were perched for the night, I set the trap inside the chicken coop.   And this morning, voila! Finally!!!

I know he looks cute in this picture but this fat rat has been creating a lot of trouble in the garden, chicken coop and compost heaps…

He has been hoarding food from the compost heaps, and storing his stash in the boxes where the chickens lay their eggs.  This was disruptive to the hens.

At first, I thought we could reach a compromise.  I would let him access the compost heaps as long as he stayed out of the chicken coop.  I secured the areas where I thought he was coming in and out of the chicken coop using metal mesh but as soon as I would seal one entrance, he would make another.   When I realized that I couldn’t keep him out, I decided to try and catch him.  Until last night, I had been setting the trap in the garden for days and once he actually managed to steal the banana covered with peanut butter from the center of the trap without getting caught.


This afternoon, I found a scorpion in my bathroom sink.

At this house, we have a capture and release policy, but the bug catcher was in the living room.  Having been around scorpions for a number of years now, I knew that he would dissapear the minute I took my eyes off of him.

Scorpions don’t normally co-operate and so they end up being killed because they refuse to be captured.  But today, I was lucky.  I used a glass and metal lid from one of my bracelet boxes to trap him and carry him outside.

Scorpions are incredibly clever.  He tried to play dead when I tried to photograph him, but I managed a couple of photos and in this one, you can see his stinger clearly.

Even though I’m told that chickens love to eat scorpions, I let this one go.

The rat was not as lucky.

When I tried to move the rat from the live trap to a deep bucket, he managed to escape into the arugula patch only to be fatally crushed in the dog’s mouth.

I guess you win some, and you lose some.