Full Moon Hike at Spur Cross

It was my first time participating in the monthly Full Moon Hike at Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area.  At 7:00 PM tonight we gathered around ranger Kevin as he explained the path we would be hiking in the moonlight.  The weather was finally a bit cooler – in the high 70’s.

I did not bring my tripod.

I should have brought my tripod.

Here’s a gallery of photos – because they actually capture a bit of what it felt like to be among the giant saguaros – in the moonlight – surrounded by the stillness of the desert.

Please forgive the quality.  Enjoy the experience.


And, of course, leaving the park, this native Creeker was not happy to be disturbed.

Arizona Diamondback at Spur Cross

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Clouds Butterflies Rattler and the Moon

Two days in a row, I get to take a walk at sunset.  I’m loving this slightly cooler weather.  In the wash, the butterflies were amazing… I only caught a picture of one.  And when I got back home, I almost stepped on the diamondback stretched across the driveway.  It’s the first rattle snake that I’ve seen on the property this season.  It was well after sunset and it blended so well with the ground that I almost didn’t see it.  And the moon, was orange.  Too bad the photos don’t do it justice.


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Harvest Moon over Cave Creek

In approx 1 hour, the full moon will be exactly opposite the sun in the sky… Making it a harvest  moon.

For now, here’s what it looks like in my backyard.

You can read more about the Harvest Full Moon on CBS.com

I will try and capture it at the exact time of 8:19… and update the post.  But it’s pretty spectacular now.

Update:  OK – so I went out to take photos… Honestly I couldn’t tell a difference.  Here’s the best of this bunch taken moments ago.

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Finally a long walk at sunset with the pup

The moon was awesome tonight and the weather cool enough to cause me to linger and catch up with my neighbour at the top of her driveway while our dogs played.

With a moon like that, you can be sure that if you hear the sound of police or fire sirens it will be followed by the howling of the coyotes within earshot.  Tonight we were surrounded.  They were too far to see but there were many.  The dogs fortunately stayed close by.

As I started walking towards the wash, I noticed that if I looked right (to the east) the moon was rising and that almost exactly to the west, the sun was setting.  I stopped and took two photos.

Looking East.

Looking West.


There’s hardly anything left blooming.  We’re at the end of the summer and everyone is looking forward to the early mornings when we actually get to open our windows again to enjoy the cooler temperatures.

A staghorn cholla bloom surprised me at the end of our walk.

Oh, and the dog is not a pup anymore but to me she will always be.

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Moon in Cave Creek

There is something about the moon lately… I don’t know what and I’m not sure what to say.  Perhaps this is one of those cases where a picture is worth a thousand words.

2011-02-17 Moonrise in Cave Creek

Day or night, it’s fascinating.

2011-02-22 Moon at Sunrise
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Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

Although it was cloudy at the start of the lunar eclipse around 11:30PM local time, the clouds cleared a bit so we could watch a part of it. Since the moon was directly above us, the eclipse was best viewed from a horizontal position. In fact, we fell asleep under a large skylight, watching the dissapearing moon fade in out of view behind the rolling clouds.

This morning, the dawn was magical. The sky was a swirl of bright turquoise and loving shades of pink and the color permeated the house through the windows. Unforgettable. Wish I had gotten out of bed to take pictures.

Today, on facebook, this video was shared and I was able to get the embed code to share it here on this blog – So here it is with gratitude to William Castleman who is credited with producing it.

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse from William Castleman on Vimeo.


Update 2010-12-22: here’s a link to an article that explains the redness of the moon.

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