Solar Eclipse in Cave Creek and more…

From Cave Creek, you could not see the ring of fire because of our location.  To see the ring, you needed to be in way northern AZ.

This is my favorite of the photos I managed to snap.

It’s been a fun day.  The morning started with my daughter spying a jackrabbit.  She said he was cute.  I have seen him in the last two weeks.  He is at least two and a half times the size of a regular cotton tail.

Then, just before the eclipse, a pack of coyotes came to the watering hole.  The dog scared them away.

Then just a bit later, my daughter called me to show me the king snake that was slithering away, just past the porch in the back yard.

And, after the eclipse, my husband spotted a large bob cat that came to drink.  Can you spot him?

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