Spur Cross Wildflowers

A few people have urged me to post again on this blog so here goes.

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Here are some photos from this morning’s hike at Spur Cross Conservation Area.  Because of the amazing amount of rain, the whole place seemed to be in bloom today.  It was tough to capture it because I only took my telephoto lens.

Spur Cross Ranch Conservation
I don’t recall when I have seen so much green hiking Spur Cross.  You can see that there’s water in the creek.  And despite the incredible number of blooming wildflowers, and all the color that just popped, it’s difficult to tell from this photo.

The water in Cave Creek was crystal clear and flowing beautifully.

Here are a couple of bugs enjoying the Lupine.

I couldn’t tell if this was a moth or a butterfly.  It greeted us as we stepped into the dragonfly trail, in the Jewel.

One of my favorites.  Lupine.  I long to have these in my yard.  I sometimes see them in a purple blurr as I drive down Cave Creek Rd.  They don’t last long and they come in what seems to be every shade of purple.

SpurCross-5980 Chuparosa
Chuparosa among the rocks.  This photo does not do the redness of the flowers justice.  In the left side of the photo (out of focus is a Globemallow bush).

Pincushion cactus growing between the rocks
These very small pincushion cactus look like they are growing between the rocks.

SpurCross-5961 Chicory
This white flower demanded attention.  I think it’s a desert chicory

There is an entire album of photographs in the Spur Cross Conservation Area Facebook Page.

I highly recommend a hike.  Come early and bring plenty of water.  There is a $3 park fee per person and there’s plenty of free parking.  If you plan it right, you can then stop in the amazing town of Cave Creek and grab lunch at one of our local hangouts.

And, if you love birds, here’s the link to the latest Backyard Birds Album on our Facebook page.