Thirsty Coyote

A coyote stops by for a drink at sunset.  Almost in a classic downward dog position he drinks from the watering hole.

He can sense our presence even though we’re inside the house behind the glass window in the living room but he is curious and comes closer in this second video.

It’s unusual to see just one.  But lately, on a number of occasions that’s what I’ve seen.

When we hear them, it almost always sounds like there’s a whole pack.


Evening Walk in Cave Creek

The blooms on the Saguaros have begun to open – a bit early it seems – which makes me wonder about global warming.

For the past week, I’ve been on the lookout for one that is positioned where the blooms would be at eye level so that I can take closeups.  This is easier said than done.

Tonight, I found this one that is on my neighbor’s property in the desert below his driveway.

Saguaro arm blooms not yet open

I had to stand on the wall at the edge of the driveway to manage this photo and still, I found that I was two feet too short.  I want to be able to look down into the center of the flowers when they open.

Oh well, at least the angle is such that the setting sun actually lights the blooms.

Continuing on the walk, we interrupted some coyotes that were out on an evening hunt.  Thankfully, the dog did not decide to chase them.

Cave Creek Coyotes
They continued left while we turned right.

Coyotes Hunting

 The dog was more interested in the raven that was flying above us making a raucous.


Finally a long walk at sunset with the pup

The moon was awesome tonight and the weather cool enough to cause me to linger and catch up with my neighbour at the top of her driveway while our dogs played.

With a moon like that, you can be sure that if you hear the sound of police or fire sirens it will be followed by the howling of the coyotes within earshot.  Tonight we were surrounded.  They were too far to see but there were many.  The dogs fortunately stayed close by.

As I started walking towards the wash, I noticed that if I looked right (to the east) the moon was rising and that almost exactly to the west, the sun was setting.  I stopped and took two photos.

Looking East.

Looking West.


There’s hardly anything left blooming.  We’re at the end of the summer and everyone is looking forward to the early mornings when we actually get to open our windows again to enjoy the cooler temperatures.

A staghorn cholla bloom surprised me at the end of our walk.

Oh, and the dog is not a pup anymore but to me she will always be.


They drink,

and then as quietly as they came, they leave.

On a good day, the dog is distracted and I have my camera within reach.  Sometimes, there’s only one.  The rest are never far away.