A swarm of bees visits the backyard

I’m sure there’s going to be much more to this story.  For now, enjoy the Youtube video of the swarm of bees that visited this morning.

Another reason why I love Cave Creek AZ.

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Bees Building New Honeycomb, The Great Horned Nesting, And a Peregrine Falcon Having Dinner

The bees are back.  But instead of building their hive next to the BBQ on my kitchen porch, they are building new comb in the wash.  And, the Great Horned Owl is nesting.

It’s only March 2nd and everything is green and it looks like spring already.


The aloe vera buds are starting to open.


When Nedra and I finished our walk, we happened on a Peregrine Falcon tearing away at his bloody dinner at the top of the utility pole.

I wish I had caught better photos.

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