Red Tailed Hawk

UPDATE: March 3, 2013This is a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk… I was mistaken.  You can see  my other post with a photo of an adult Cooper’s here…

Last Saturday, this gorgeous Red Tailed Cooper’s Hawk was in the Palo Verde tree in the backyard.  My husband was a few feet from him when I walked up and he gestured for me to stop by putting his hand out and not moving any other muscles.  I ran back for the camera assuming it was going to be another evening with deer visiting the water fountain.

If it were a snake, my husband would have spoken.

When I came back I looked for the deer.

“I can’t see anything” I said as I peeked over his shoulder.

“In the tree right in front of you” he said.

“Oh my God! It’s a red tailed hawk I think.”

I’ve caught photos of the red tailed hawk once before at the fountain but being this close was super special.

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