Morning Walk May 23 – Wild Primrose and Owl

We’ve had incredibly gorgeous weather here in Arizona this May.  More rain than ever before and temperatures that had me reaching for that extra cardigan in the evening hours.

This morning, while walking the dog in the wash, I purposely wanted to check on the primrose that was about to bloom yesterday.

On the ground I found this.


Looking up from where I was standing, one of the adult owls was resting.


I did not see it the whole time walking towards the primrose.  I looked but I did not see.  The owl blends in well but perhaps I was too focused on one thing to see what else was there.

I’ve been meaning to write a post with an update on the Great Horned Owls, because to our delight, they nested in a make shift box my neighbor built for them.  They had two babies that have successfully fledged.  I’ve been sharing photos on our facebook community page.  We would love it if you like us, and while there, or even if you aren’t on facebook, you can check out the photos in our Great Horned Owl 2015 album.

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