Javelina Family Is Cute and Smelly

I can’t believe I got photos of a young javelina suckling!

Javelinas visited twice on Saturday.  In the morning and the evening.  I’m not sure if the two groups were one and the same.

Here are the photos from the morning

I did not get a good look at all of them in the morning.  With the exception of two larger ones, the morning visitors were practically a blur as they sensed our presence.   I did not spot any young ones.

In the evening, with the dog safely being distracted indoors, I was able to sneak out and take these photos from the safety of the back patio as they made their way across the backyard.  At first, they seemed oblivious to my presence.

Javelinas have poor eyesight and when they have young ones, they can be very defensive and super aggressive.  Even if no young are present, if we see javelina, we quickly move to safety.  They can charge fast even when not provoked.

Here are some photos from the evening visit. Can you tell which is my favorite?

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