Happy Earth Day – An Oriole Lands And Takes Off

Happy Earth day.

An Oriole lands briefly in the blooming Palo Verde tree and just as quickly as it came, it takes off.

I had my camera in hand because I was trying to catch photos of the bright red cardinal at the water fountain.  The cardinal has been visiting daily.

I was lucky to catch these photos (4/20/2013) because they will remind me of my sister’s

JouJou and Y
JouJou and Y

visit and the times we spent sitting on the back patio sipping coffee (her) and tea (me) and tanning our feet while enjoying the sights and sounds of the Sonoran Desert.

Although her visit was brief, much like the visits of the Oriole and the Cardinal, the memories are colorful and leave an impression on my heart … and, a lot of new shoes in my already overcrowded closet.

If I had to pick a word that captures the visit, it would have to be Mamamango.

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