Great Horned Owls Update and Glorious Sunset

Tonight, the two Great Horned Owl youngsters were nestled in a tree together. The sun was setting and the lighting was not ideal but I got to see something that I didn’t expect. In the photo, if you look closely, the owl in the foreground is spitting out an owl pellet.

It was like watching my cat struggle to bring up a fur ball.

It has been amazing watching the baby owls grow into independence.

While photographing them, I feel like I have learned a lot about lighting, photography, and of course owls.

I have mostly used my 55-200mm zoom lens.  Tonight, I noticed that the owl in front has it’s left eye swollen shut.  Hopefully, it’s a minor irritation that will take care of itself.

I plan to monitor the situation…

With the monsoons coming, the sunsets are getting better and better.  Here’s one of my favorite shots from tonight.

I love Arizona sunsets.  No matter how many I’ve seen, they still inspire me.  They demand that I stop whatever it is I’m doing and remind me to take the time to breathe.

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