Great Horned Owl Goes For A Splash

After eating dinner tonight, I was carrying my plate to the sink when I spotted a Great Horned Owl perched above the watering hole in the back yard.

This one looks young and I can’t tell if it’s male or female.

Here’s a zoom of the image (it’s a bit pixelated).

He hung around for a while looking and surveying all directions from different vantage points.  I could tell he was really thirsty by the way he was panting.  He wanted to drink but first he wanted to make sure it was safe.


The surveying lasted a while and then, when he could take it no more, he surrendered to his thirst and swooped down to the ground.


I was happy when as soon as he jumped into the water, a rainbow appeared in the distance.

If you look closely you may be able to see him in the water (bottom left corner).


We are in the middle of monsoon season and the animals, plants and humans are struggling with the heat.  Today’s high was 104, but it felt hotter.

Great Horned Owl drinking while sitting in the fountain

He drank and drank… and drank… and then just like that, he moved on.

All done.  The Great Horned Owl takes off.

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