This blog post is not for the faint of heart.  Yesterday, while helping me trim some plants on a landing that is next to the steps leading to the garage, my friend shouted “there’s two”.

Earlier in the morning, I warned him that we had spotted a diamondback just under the step where we were working.  And to confirm, I leaned down to pick up a large piece of recently shed snake skin.  It was still moist and supple.  He cringed as I rubbed my fingers across the ridges of what was the underbelly.  “Just make some noise and don’t put your hand where you can’t clearly see.” I told him.  “The snakes are more scared of you than you are of them.”  I could tell he was not convinced.  “But be careful, my husband was almost bit on the weekend when he stepped too close to the snake sunning itself on the concrete step.”

Of course, he ignored me until he heard the rattle and when he looked, he saw two.  In this video you can only see one.

… we eventually had to move the two snakes in order to finish our work and we relocated them just to the other side of the house.  I did not let my friend handle them with the rake like he wanted to.

Rattlesnakes move very fast and can strike with incredible speed and their venom can be deadly.  I don’t understand what part of that is difficult to understand.

Moving snakes is not for amateurs…

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