Desert In Bloom – Yucca and more

Yucca Blooms detail
Yucca Blooms detail

I like the name Yucca. I like saying it.

I love the white and green blooms that look waxy and unreal.  They burst forth with such vigor that the majority of the time, they keel over from the weight of their being.  When I see  them in the medians I wonder why they didn’t just stop growing.  Why isn’t anyone watering them?  And I remember, oh yes, this is the desert.

The plant leaves are sword shaped and have a tendency to stab and cut you if you are not careful.

Joshua Trees are a type of Yucca.  You can read more about Yuccas on Wikipedia.

Here are some more colorful blooms; Fuscia and Yellow-orange Staghorn Cholla Blooms:

and for ultimate cuteness… One young bunny with ears back lit by the rising sun.

Cave Creek Bunny

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