Cave Creek Critical Mass

So what do you do when you sign up to ride and support Cave Creek Critical Mass but when you get home from work you find that your bike tires are flat?

If you are Paul Grill, you put on your bike helmet and you go anyway.

Here are the photos I took tonight.

click on any image to start the slideshow.  If you would like to save any of the images, right click on the larger image and select ‘save image as…’.

There was an awesome showing of support (standing room only inside Cave Creek Town Hall).  And, the town council voted to take the next step in support of a bike lane in Cave Creek.

One more reason to Love Cave Creek AZ.

Update: 2013-08-20 – I found this awesome video on YouTube. Enjoy!

And, you can also check out the Facebook group: Cave Creek Needs A Bike Lane

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