Bobcat Love

Yesterday, this awesome, wild, slender bobcat dropped by.

Closeup of the bobcat perched on the pillar in the backyard.
Closeup of the bobcat perched on the pillar in the backyard. Click photo to enlarge.

There’s a bobcat family that lives around here and we get glimpses of them once in a while.  Usually, we catch them in a blurr of hurried motion.

Once in a while, we are blessed to have a lingering, eye to eye, soul to soul encounter and in those moments, there is no feeling of danger.  A part of me questions the wisdom of that because after all, they are wild untamed undomesticated creatures with survival instincts.  It is what it is.  We are who we are.

We are grateful to observe the wild in its natural habitat.  They are grateful for the water source we maintain.  It feels like we have an understanding that transcends language.

Enjoy the photos.

There has been no shortage of thirsty animals lately.  Daily the deer and coyotes have been visiting the watering hole.  Francisca photographed them while I was away on a business trip.

Yesterday, she was the one to spy this cutie in the main courtyard.  I went around the house to see if I could get some photos and she tried to calm the dog to keep her from barking.  Neither of us expected what happened next.

The bobcat, circled to the back of the house where it decided to rest next to the patio furniture.

Satisfied with my first photo, when I came back in the house, I found that Francisca had gone out to the back patio to get a closer look.  I followed.  And, miraculously, the dog who was left inside the house co-operated by keeping quiet.

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Healing With The Night Blooming Cereus

What a treat to make a remedy from the Night Blooming Cereus that graced us with beauty and gifted us with its essence this past Wednesday in Cave Creek.  It was another confirmation that nature is approving of the Lotus Pinwheel energy that is taking shape (more to come on this).   My friend and homeopathic colleague Debbie Noah and I sat in awe and without hesitation came to the conclusion that this year’s message from the night bloomer was happiness and celebration.

Enjoy the photos of the  Argentine Giant (Tricocereus Candicans) blooms that with a little help of some hardware mesh survived the appetite of the javelinas this year.

May we all give ourselves permission to bloom and share our beauty with those around us.

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The orioles are back

I spied the orioles again for the third night in a row on Friday and so it’s safe to assume that they are back to stay.  It was getting dark just as the sun was setting and the pictures aren’t great.  I loved listening to them calling back and forth to each other.  The male flew between the stag horn cholla and the palm tree while the female hung out in the ocotillo.


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A swarm of bees visits the backyard

I’m sure there’s going to be much more to this story.  For now, enjoy the Youtube video of the swarm of bees that visited this morning.

Another reason why I love Cave Creek AZ.

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Saguaros at Sunset

I bumped into my neighbors tonight as I went out for my evening walk.

saguaros-at-sunset-009-good-friends-and-neighborsThe light was wonderful and I lagged behind as I tried to photograph the saguaros.   Enjoy the gallery below.

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Full Moon Hike at Spur Cross

It was my first time participating in the monthly Full Moon Hike at Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area.  At 7:00 PM tonight we gathered around ranger Kevin as he explained the path we would be hiking in the moonlight.  The weather was finally a bit cooler – in the high 70’s.

I did not bring my tripod.

I should have brought my tripod.

Here’s a gallery of photos – because they actually capture a bit of what it felt like to be among the giant saguaros – in the moonlight – surrounded by the stillness of the desert.

Please forgive the quality.  Enjoy the experience.


And, of course, leaving the park, this native Creeker was not happy to be disturbed.

Arizona Diamondback at Spur Cross

Since this is a monthly event, you can like Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area facebook page to stay in the loop.

If you enjoy this blog, you can also like the Love Cave Creek AZ page on facebook where I post photos from the Sonoran Desert.

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Javelina Family Is Cute and Smelly

I can’t believe I got photos of a young javelina suckling!

Javelinas visited twice on Saturday.  In the morning and the evening.  I’m not sure if the two groups were one and the same.

Here are the photos from the morning

I did not get a good look at all of them in the morning.  With the exception of two larger ones, the morning visitors were practically a blur as they sensed our presence.   I did not spot any young ones.

In the evening, with the dog safely being distracted indoors, I was able to sneak out and take these photos from the safety of the back patio as they made their way across the backyard.  At first, they seemed oblivious to my presence.

Javelinas have poor eyesight and when they have young ones, they can be very defensive and super aggressive.  Even if no young are present, if we see javelina, we quickly move to safety.  They can charge fast even when not provoked.

Here are some photos from the evening visit. Can you tell which is my favorite?

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Cave Creek Critical Mass

So what do you do when you sign up to ride and support Cave Creek Critical Mass but when you get home from work you find that your bike tires are flat?

If you are Paul Grill, you put on your bike helmet and you go anyway.

Here are the photos I took tonight.

click on any image to start the slideshow.  If you would like to save any of the images, right click on the larger image and select ‘save image as…’.

There was an awesome showing of support (standing room only inside Cave Creek Town Hall).  And, the town council voted to take the next step in support of a bike lane in Cave Creek.

One more reason to Love Cave Creek AZ.

Update: 2013-08-20 – I found this awesome video on YouTube. Enjoy!

And, you can also check out the Facebook group: Cave Creek Needs A Bike Lane

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